M8 – Lagoon Nebula (2018)

Equipment Data:

Telescope: Borg 101ED f/4
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 (Rowan Belt Mod)
Camera: QHYCCD 163M
Filters: Optolong Ha-SII-OIII 6nm + IDAS LPS-P2
Guide Scope: DIY Guidescope 43mm f/3
Guide Camera: QHY 5R-II

Adquisition Data:

Location: Barcelona (Bortle 9)
Date: Summer 2018
Resolution: 1.87″/pixel
Guiding Performance: 1.5” RMS (average)
Ha: 72x300s@Gain 174
SII: 72x300s@Gain 174
OIII: 72x300s@Gain 174
Sensor Temperature: -10C
50 Flats (From Library)
50 Darks (From Library)
No Bias

Total Integration Time: 18h


The Lagoon Nebula is a huge star nursery located 5000 light years from the earth, that can be found in the constelation of Sagittarius. The young stars have pushed the sorrunding dust creating a cavity of 50 x 110 light years. The internal surface of the nebula is excited by the newborn stars, emitting a strong signal in Hidrogen (shown as yellow-brown in the image) and Oxigen wavelenghts (shown as blue).

The Lagoon Nebula is a usual summer target for astrophotography as it is bright and extense, so easy to shoot with any configuration. In this case is a narrowband image taken with Ha, OII and SII filters, shooted from the center of Barcelona.

This is the first light of my new equipment. I’ve been over a year to fine tunning the different components in order to achieve the best of the setup. The objective of this first light was to evaluate the feasibility of imaging from a site with extreme light pollution. The result has been good enough.

This image has been selected by Optolong to be included in their catalog as an example of narrowband imaging:


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